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 Lee Chaos
 Vere Kervorkian
 Ms Allezbleu
 Huw T

Lee Chaos

Birthday: 22nd October
Role in band: Shouting, songwriting
Equipment used: Anything within reach
Joined band on: The beginning of time
Favourite Chaos Engine song: Broken Shell (from Obstinate)
Favourite Chaos Engine gig: Black Celebration 2000

Record you never tire of: 'Nail' - Scraping Foetus Off The wheel
Track that makes you dance: 'Faggot' - Mindless Self Indulgence
Your seduction album: 'Blood' - This Mortal Coil /
'Spirit of Eden' - Talk Talk

Hero (musical): Jim Foetus
Hero (other): Iain Banks
Favourite film: Fight Club
Favourite book: 'Survivor' - Chuck Palahniuk
Drink of choice: Vodka & strawberry Sobe
Favourite nationality of food: Mexican / Thai


Vere Kervorkian

Birthday: Why - you going to throw me a party?
Role in band: Alcohol disposal, bassguitar.
Equipment used: A bass. occasional distortion pedal.
Joined band on: A whim.
Favourite Chaos Engine song: To play, probably Parasitic Love Song.
Favourite Chaos Engine gig: EuroRock 2001.

Record you never tire of: Slaughter of the Soul by At the Gates [raging deathmetal!!!!!!!!!]
Track that makes you slam: Old by Machine Head
Your seduction album: Slaughter of the Soul by At the Gates

Hero (musical): Anyone with no talent or ability who just goes ahead and does it anyway.
Hero (other): Spree killers.
Favourite film: Can't remember.
Favourite book: "The Inflatable Volunteer" by Steve Aylett [no plot!]

Drink of choice: Really anything with lots of caffeine/alcohol in it.

Favourite nationality of food: Don't care, I'll eat anyone.


Ms. Allezbleu

After extensive road-testing, we are pleased to announce Ms Allezbleu is joining the band permanently on keyboards and occasional angle-grinding.


Huw T

Birthday: 10/01/70
Role in band: Percussion Type Guitar Abuse & Pretty Pictures
Equipment used: Franken-Fender
Joined band on: 1894
Favourite Chaos Engine song: Jesus Christ V2.0
Favourite Chaos Engine gig: One, but there have been so many!

Record you never tire of: "Headhunter" - Front 242
Track that makes you dance: "Wise Up Sucker" - Pop Will Eat Itself
Your seduction album: "Sue" - Frasier Chorus

Hero (musical): My Uncle Joe
Hero (other): Bill Hicks
Favourite film: Dogma
Favourite book: Anything by Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hellblazer etc)
Drink of choice: Tequila & Red Devil
Favourite nationality of food: Mexican


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