last updated: 16th february 2004


The Chaos Engine are a unique phenomenon; from their unclassifiable music to the way that they do business, everything is done entirely on their own terms, exactly their own way. Never mind how floppy the fringe is, if THAT isn't the DIY-punk attitude of the true independent, then we for one will pay our money upfront and join the queue to see what is.

The Chaos Engine's music takes you on a 200 mile-an-hour adrenaline-fuelled ram-raid through more genres of music than your local record shop dares to stock, fusing the technopunk attitude of The Prodigy with the white-hot guitar fury of the so called "Nu Metal" Scene backed with the sort of precision electronica that Warp Records have made a cult out of - to struggle to find just a few reference points. The band plunder every style stupid enough to come within clubbing distance and throw it into the melting pot, never forgetting to equip each song with a hook that Robbie Williams would sell his granny into white slavery for.

The Chaos Engine have already gained an underground reputation for being one of the UK's most intense and energetic live outfits and they don't miss a trick when it comes to transferring the energy of their music into an audio-visual onslaught that will leave you breathless, be it the boundless energy of frontman Lee H whose onstage persona puts most end of level baddies to shame, the bass / guitar onslaught of Vere and Huw, the cranium pounding yet body moving electronic backing or the legendary Chaos TV projections...

The band have toured relentlessly, and have played at many prestigious festivals and gigs including shows with Covenant, VNV Nation, Ultraviolence, Project Pitchfork, Pist.On, Mesh, C-Tek, Rosetta Stone and Sigue Sigue Sputnik to name a few. The band even have their own political party, "The Chaos Party" who put more than a few establishment noses out of shape with their performance in recent Cheltenham by elections. We won't even mention the legendary cheeserolling escapades......

With so many bands looking over their shoulders to see what everyone else is doing in the fall out from the Millennium, or back-pedalling into 60's/70's/80's/even 90's for fucks sake nostalgia, The Chaos Engine apply the electrodes to the nipples of the British music scene, plug it into the mains and blast it into the future. The only question is, are you behind or stood in front of the blast? It's time to believe the hype ...

The above text was shamelessly perloined from Wasp Factory's website.

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